Thursday, June 21, 2018

Snow & Quilting

I have been working mainly on the machine quilting.  All the barn board is finished and each rock has been quilting around.  Shingles are also finished and the wire for the barbed wire fence is in.  Then I added some drifted snow on the roof and the pine tree and just a little on the barn itself.   I like to have a drawing so that I can slowly work my way into the foreground.  

Next will be the tall bare tree running up the right side and then horses and stone fence.  

In between I have been picking up around the house and working on my new gardens.  When Mike and I bought this house a year ago, there was nothing in the yard.  The previous owner and only owner of this house did not like the outdoors so had some evergreen bushes across the front and nothing else.  They were overgrown and past their prime so we pulled them all out and started over.  I will take some pictures tomorrow and post them.  It looks so much better now if I say so myself.  A new garden makes for a lot of watering and because we have a lot of deer, I have to spray them with deer stinky stuff so they are not eaten.  Last year I lost many of my hostas to them gobbling.  I love the deer so understand they were just hungry.  However, now I protect my plants so they will go back to the woods to eat.


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