Thursday, June 14, 2018


I am beginning a new piece.  This one came about sort of by accident.  I had someone contact me to do a commission.  We discussed details etc. and go to the point of me sketching two ideas and sending her the price of each.  This one originally had a old broken down tractor in it.  She asked me to change it to horses, which I did.  Then I told her I would send her the contract and as soon as I recieved 1/2 down and the signed contract back I would begin.  I never heard from her again and unfortunately had only gotten her name and email address.  

I understand people changing their minds (usually happens right away though due to something like price or how long it will take).  This one was already much further along and for me, I would have like some courtesy from her giving me a heads up for whatever reason made her change her mind.

However, I am now going to use this design for my own shop and work on it anyway.  It is, as you can see, right up my alley.

So I have started with the barn.  It is a winter scene so will go on a white background.  I want the barn finished first and will just pin it on so I can fit all the background items in behind it.  It also helps me keep the proportions accurate.   I am excited to work on it because farm scenes are so much fun for me to do.

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