Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I have been working on the old barn piece, now doing the rock fence that runs across the foreground.  This was my second attempt as the first one was just too "colorful".  I will save it though for another piece it may work on.  It is coming together now but still need a few more rocks.

It has been a cold summer so far.   Today it is barely in the 60's.  They are talking about a warmup soon.  We had one a few weeks ago but it did not last.  I am so ready for some warm weather again....it was a long cold winter.   My garden is good though.  Blooming is late but that is okay.

 These beds are new.....we have only been in this house a year and there was no garden back by the woods.   I am very happy with the progress it is making after only one year of being in.   I am trying to keep a woodland look to it.
 Henry is the character on the left.  He is so beautiful and I love the addition of him to the bed.  My dear husband, Mike, hauled him down to his new home and let me tell you, he is heavy!  The wrens, finches, chickadees love to perch on his head.    I hope to catch them doing that some day.

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