Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Welcome to my new blog.  My other blog was BSL Art Quilts but 2 years ago my life changed suddenly.  I was diagnosed with endrometrial cancer after which my marriage fell apart.  Seems like a lot to take on at one time but as you can see I made it through it all.

My cancer is gone with only a 1% chance of it returning.  I have met and married the most wonderful man and because of that my name has changed to Barbara Strobel Dellger so my business is changed to BSD Art Quilts.  In addition, I am starting a brand new blog and this is it.  I am hoping over time my friends will once again find me and visit me here.

I have been working very hard since moving to my new house and have had several commissions as well.  I will post about them in the next few days.  In the meantime, here is the one I am working on now.  It is a sunflower quilt and I hope to finish it up this week.  These are two of the last flowers to go on it.  They need quilting but are all set to start.

 This one is finished.
So welcome and I hope you return to see more of my work and posts of my life in Sheboygan Wisconsin.


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